Aug 8th 2017: Today we have class lessons as scheduled.

Aug 8th 2017: During Aug 14th to Aug 17th, school is completely closed for Bon festival vacation (Summer vacation).

Aug 8th 2017: Summer Vacation for student is from Aug 9th to Aug 20th. Class lesson starts on Aug 21st.

Jul 27th 2017: Summer course has successfully finished.20

Jul 15th 2017:2017 Reunion party for graduates

Jul 6th 2017: Summer term (July term) course start.

Jul 5th 2017: Summer term’s Entrance ceremony & Orientation for new students
(9h15 meeting, 12h40 finish)
MCA dormitory orientation from 14h to 14h30

Jul 3rd 2017: Summer term’s student profile registration and placement test.
Please confirm with the school because meeting time is different among nationality
 am10:00~ pm.13:45〜

Jun 30th 2017: New students (dormitory residents) come to Japan (designated date)

Jul 2nd 2017 : The 1st Japanese Language Proficiency Test

Jun 21th 2017: Spring term end

Jun 10th 2017: We have updated 2017 School Schedule(Modified)

Mar.10th 2017 Summer course for 2017 academic year to (will) be implemented

Aug 26th 2016 Summer Term Extracurricular Activity We are going to have a BBQ.

Aug 25th 2016 COE issue for 2016 October students

Aug 3rd 2016 Orientation for higher education is held at MCA.

Aug 1st 2016 We went to Hanazono Shrine for Bon-odori festival.

Jul 29th 2016 Summer course program has completed.

Jul 26th 2016 We went to a firework festival in Katsushika district.

Jul 21st 2016 We went to a Shinbashi Koichi festival (Bon-odori).

Jun 28th 2016 :New students (dormitory residents) come to Japan (designated date)

Jan 15th 2016:We have renewed our school PV. Check it out!

Dec 21th 2015:Announcement for Year-End’s and New-Year’s Holidays

Le 21 décembre 2015:L'annonce des vacances d’hiver(French)

Dec 2nd 2015: We have updated 2016 School Schedule.

2014/02/10 There are several changes in the Application for Admission and Pledge. Reason of studying Japanese

2013/11/14 There are several changes in the Application for Admission for Short-term Course.